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What is Watcharm?

Every time we hear talking about new talents, usually we associate them to young educated entrepreneurs who have brilliant careers. Watcharm was born from the enthusiasm and experience of a 57 year old man whom, without being related to the world of jewelery, designed and produced this innovative product in two years, with great acceptance and positive reviews from the professional sector.

Watcharm is a newly launched product that is revolutionizing the world of jewelery due to its novelty and exclusivity. It is a unique product that makes the difference.

Watcharm is an accessory for the strap of your watch, with a a wide range of measures for straps between 19 and 22 mm wide. It consists on two pieces; the support piece and the interchangeable Charm. For the last one, we have designed 7 collections which are named Luxury, and they are made with Swarovski stones.

Watcharm has endless possibilities to create your ideal custom watch. It is easy to use and it can be adapted to all kind of watch straps, both metallic and leather, opened or closed. It is a patented and unique system in many countries. We invite you visiting our collections designed to personalize your watch in an original and elegant way!

Packs and accessories

Choose your pack according to your needs! Within purchasing process, you will find different options to choose how you want to receive you Charm.

There are three options:

Simple Pack: your Charm is sent in a blister pack inside a velvet pouch together with a support piece. Charm cost with support piece: 45€

Gift Box Pack: your Charm is you displayed in a gift box together with a support piece. Charm cost with support piece and display box: 50€

Individual Charm: choose a Charm to complete your collection! Charm cost: 35€

Support Piece: you will receive a Support Piece in case you want or need spare parts! Only a Support Piece costs 10€.

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